Common Foot Conditions

Painful feet can affect our ability to enjoy the most basic activities in our daily lives. Thankfully, many foot conditions can be easily prevented or treated by wearing properly fitting footwear and accessing prompt care when this is required.

Below is a list of common foot conditions. Click on the links for information about the condition that might be causing you pain or other problems, and learn more about treatment and prevention. If your foot pain persists, or believe that a medical opinion is required we recommend that you see your podiatrist or physician today. 

Achilles Tendonitis


Athlete's Foot



Charcot Marie Tooth Disease


Cracked Heals (Fissures)

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Dry Feet


Flat Feet

Fungal Nails

Heel Pain Syndrome

Heel Spur

High Arched Feet

Ingrowing toenails

Lesser Toe Deformities


Morton's Neuroma


Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral Venous (Vein) Disease

Pitted Keratolysis

Plantar Fascitis

Plantar Warts

Posterior Tibial Tendinitis


Shin Splints

Stiff big toe joint

Sweaty feet

In Children

In Diabetes

In Elderly

In Pregnancy

In Sports