Bartolo P, Mizzi S, Formosa C. 2013. An evaluation of foot care behaviours in individuals with type 2 diabetes living in Malta. Journal of Diabetes Nursing. 17: 73-78Abstract


Improving how individuals with type 2 diabetes look after their feet is reported to be one of the most effective strategies in minimising diabetic foot complications. This study evaluated foot care behaviour in people with type 2 diabetes living in Malta. Participants were grouped according to age (45–64 years [n=30] and ≥65 years [n=30]); the Nottingham Assessment of Functional Footcare (NAFF; Lincoln et al, 2007) was used to determine foot care behaviours in both groups. There was no significant difference in NAFF scores between the two groups (P=0.635); the mean NAFF score for the group aged 45–64 years was 55.43 and for the group aged ≥65 years was 54.73. Since the possible maximum NAFF score is 87, both groups showed suboptimal foot care behaviour in terms of footwear, hosiery and wound management. Healthcare professionals play an important part in helping individuals with diabetes improve their foot care behaviour and lifestyle to minimise foot complications.