Scope of Practice
Podiatry is a health care profession concerned with the diagnosis and/or medical, surgical, mechanical, physical, and adjunctive treatment of the diseases, injuries, and defects of the human foot.

Prevention of foot dysfunction and disease, and progression of existing structural defects are the prime aim of any Podiatry service. This is mostly achieved by, but not limited to, patient education through practitioner to patient contact. Recognised assessment methods, including skilled observation, physical examination, gait analysis and various biomechanical tests, among others, are utilised by podiatrists to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis of underlying complaints. Podiatrists achieve high operating skills, the proper handling and use of surgical instruments, the manufacture of chairside and/or functional/accommodative orthotic devices, thus ensuring the best possible treatment is provided to all patients. Podiatrists provide management and prevention of foot-threatening complaints in persons who fall under the high-risk categories, that is, those anticoagulant treatment and those with vascular insufficiency.