Mission Statement

The Association of Podiatrists Malta (APM) is a voluntary non-profit and apolitical organisation set up to represent podiatrists in Malta. The main priorities as set by the organisations’ statute are to maintain and upgrade standards of podiatry according to the worldwide standards, promote foot related health amongst the general public and to act as an active voice for podiatrists as health care professionals in Malta.

Past Presidents

Dr. Alfred Gatt 1999-2000

Mr. Stephen Mizzi 2000-2001

Dr. Cynthia Formosa 2001-2002

Dr. Anne Marie Galea 2003-2004

Mr. Ivan G. Vella 2005-2006

Mr. Ivan Farrugia 2006-2008

Mr. Jean Pirotta 2008- 2009

Mr. Ivan G. Vella 2009- 2010

Mr. Andre Serge Zammit 2010- 2013

Mr. Christian Ellul 2013- 2016

Mr. Matthew Schembri 2016- 2017

Dr. Ann Marie Galea 2017- 2018

Mr. Ivan Farrugia 2018 – 2019

Mr Ivan Farrugia 2019 –